Hello there, I'm Tredkip! (≧▽≦)

This is my webpage where you can know more about me; you probably found this page by clicking a link in one of my accounts!


I'm the owner of this website you're visiting. On the left you can find my other accounts around the web.

I'm a nerd who spent 19 years on Earth living in Rome, Italy.
Most of my skills are towards modding and manipulation of software, I made some mods for many games and English patches for many PSP games in the past. Also, I worked in the ROM Hacking scene for a while.

I have an INTJ-T personality, I like living alone or surrounded by a strict group of people at max; being on my own makes me feel more focused on my tasks and projects. More deeply I'm a perfectionist and very self-critical, I believe even the best can become even better if thinking with an objective point of view.

My interests are around computers and gaming since I was a kid, just recently I got into cybersecurity which I'm currently studying. Still a bit uncertain about my career, but I'd like to work as a ethical hacker. Another interest of mine are anime, even though nowdays I'm not watching so many shows like I used to do but I still enjoy anime-style artworks and everything Moe; my favorite show is Serial Experiments Lain.

Of course, I'm into FLOSS philosophy and GNU/Linux: I belive in basic human rights; I think all software should be open to everybody. I always try to only use free software where possible.

Want to be friends?

I'm a very minimal and not-so-social person, you won't find me anywhere else except on the platforms listed on the left. If you want to talk to me or forge a frienship; make sure to be polite, and make sure not to be a troll. Otherwise I won't block you, I will instead write you down in my "morons list".


I like writing stories aswell; here's what my mind has currently developed:

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Here is a list of my projects and contributions:

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